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Squirrel eating pine nuts

Feed Hungry Squirrels

Squirrels appreciate extra food in early spring when nuts are scarce.

Great tit nest box

Create a Love Nest

Start putting up your nest boxes for breeding season.

Robin feeding its baby

Prepare for Summer

Feed high protein mealworms & calcium worms to breeding garden birds.

hedgehog amongst daises

Help Feed Hedgehogs

Hungry hedgehogs are waking up

Ark voted Which magazine Best Buy bird nest boxes

Voted Which Magazine Best Buys

Buy the best Bird Nest Boxes as voted for by Which magazine 2021.


Specialist wildlife food & accessories that will bring your garden to life

We provide high-quality wildlife supplies to people all over the country: carefully selected, natural food and products that will help the wildlife in your garden to flourish. 

We’re passionate about wildlife, but we’re just as passionate about our customer service. In days where tech has taken over helplines, we make sure you can always talk to a real human being. Caring for your garden wildlife takes time and patience – and we’re here to listen to you and find solutions to any problems.

Why we care

Ark Wildlife had a rather unique beginning. It all began with cups of tea and chats over kitchen tables. Back in 1991, Ark Wildlife’s founder and Director, Sean McMenemy was busy creating wildlife havens at the end of customers’ gardens as part of his landscaping business.

Whenever he was offered a cuppa, he happily accepted (tea with two sugars please), and the subsequent conversations routinely raised the same question: ‘How can I attract more birds (wildlife) to my garden?’.

Having leafed through dozens of ‘bird care’ catalogues with his customers, they continually highlighted a quality gap. Sean collated all their concerns, from lack of choice to dubious quality, right through to the service customers wanted. He then set about creating a new business to satisfy all these needs.

Fast-forward to today and while Sean still leads us and continues to visit customer’s homes to share stories and drink tea (milk no sugar please), the company’s success means the business has grown to become the UK’s leading independent garden wildlife supplier.

The success of Ark today has been fundamentally built on a passion for wildlife, a commitment to customer interests, and a focus on accountability. We care about our customers and will happily talk you through any garden wildlife queries you have.

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Seasonal Deal

8kg Ark Summer Support Mix

6kg Ark No Mess Feeder Mix

8kg Ark Premium Wild Bird Food

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