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Robin feeding in hand



A Robin Moment


10th March 2015

Last Updated: 4th November 2022

I came home one day, and as I parked the car I could hear a bird singing. I sat in the car, looked up at the roof of the garage and there was a robin singing away and looking right at me. As I watched and listened, it puffed out its chest. Another robin landed right beside it and they both sat there looking at me and singing. Then they turned and looked at each other and the tips of their beaks touched (as if in a kiss), they looked back at me and sang for a few seconds before they both flew off together. It was an amazing experience and one that I wish I had had my camera for as I doubt I will ever witness something as special and spectacular as that again.

Robin in tree

So now, whenever I am feeling down, I think of that wonderful sight of the robins and it lifts my spirits. Now I always have a camera with me.

Robin on the ground

I was surprised to hear a few people saying they thought robins only showed up at Christmas as they are here all year round. I have four robins in my garden area, however only one will come in and land on my hand for food. The others prefer me to toss the food to them. They love the suet pellets and their favourite suet is the Flutter Butter. I highly recommend it for anyone who feeds birds. Please only use specialised peanut butter for birds. I prefer to spread it out on branches, top of the fence, wall, etc so that more birds can get it. They love it!

Robin with Flutter Butter
Robin on Hand