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Hedgehog hibernting


Sean's Blog

My hedgehog (cough) wakes (snort) up (wheeze)


11th March 2013

Last Updated: 25th February 2020

I don’t know about you but I’ve reached an age where I can’t quite reach my shoes to tie the laces without blowing out some air. Also when I rise from a chair, I hear a definite grunt but I’m still not convinced it comes from me. Another symptom of the inexorable passage of time is getting out of bed each morning. No more the laddish leap, bound and out. More a gradual consciousness and slow return of aches and pains that accompany the day. I think I’m slowly turning into a hedgehog.

Remember back to the heaviest sleep you’ve ever had (were there drinks involved?) and then imagine (they’re a mammal just like us) it lasted for months! I suspect you need to be well over forty to understand the aches but I’m sure everyone has experienced the woolly head. Now multiply your worst ever morning and multiply that 10-fold to get some appreciation of what our spiny cousins feel in the early spring. I don’t know about you but I’m going to set out a bowl of water and food to help them get started this spring.

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