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Blue tit nest box


Nest Boxes

National Nest Box Week


14th February 2013

14th – 21st February

National Nest Box Week is organised by the British Trust for Ornithology BTO (Britain’s leading bird research charity) and is all about helping birds. Starting on St Valentine’s Day, 14th February and running for a week until 21st February every year, it reminds us that now is the time to put up nest boxes for our garden birds at the start of their breeding seasons. National Nest Box Week aims to encourage everyone to put up a bird nest box in their local area in order to promote and enhance biodiversity and the conservation of breeding birds and wildlife.

Blue Tit feeding babyThe BTO reports that natural nest sites on which many of our bird species depend, such as holes in trees and buildings, are fast disappearing as gardens and woods are ‘tidied’ and old houses are repaired. Since National Nest Box Week was launched in 1997, thousands of enthusiastic naturalists across the UK have put up boxes to compensate for this loss. It is estimated that there are now 5-6 million boxes in gardens across the UK.

You can buy the Official Nest Boxes of National Nest Box Week through Ark Wildlife and for your convenience we’ve highlighted the benefits of each and the birds they may attract. We’ve even included a few useful links in case you’d like to have a go at making your own nest box this year!

The Official Wooden Nest Box
The 19mm thick cedar wood provides excellent insulation, needs no treatment and will last manGreat Tit Nestingy years. Also has an easy access (no tools required) front panel for annual cleaning.

26mm Hole – for blue tits, marsh and coal tits and occasionally wrens.
32mm Hole – for great, marsh coal tits, redstart, nuthatch pied flycatcher, house and tree sparrows.
35mm Open entrance – for wrens occasionally blue, coal and marsh tits.
75mm Open entrance – for robins occasionally flycatchers, blackbirds and wagtails.
115mm Open entrance – for flycatchers occasionally robins, blackbirds and wagtails.
32mm Sparrow Terrace triple fronted entrance holes – for house sparrows. Occasionally great and blue tits.

The Official Wood-Concrete Nest BoxSchwegler 26mm Nest Box
With over 8 million sold worldwide and a lifespan of up to 25-years, Schwegler’s wood-concrete nest boxes are the preferred choice of the professionals. Virtually indestructible, highly insulated and easy to clean, no wonder these are the best-selling nest boxes in the world!

26mm Hole Wood-Concrete – for blue tits, marsh and coal tits and occasionally wrens.
32mm Hole Wood-Concrete – for great, marsh coal tits, redstart, nuthatch pied flycatcher, house and tree sparrows.

National Nest Box Week is all about getting involved. In the garden, at school or with your local wildlife group. You can buy good quality nest boxes from us but if you’re more adventurous, why not also explore the following links and ideas.

Blue tit on nestFancy a bit of DIY? Why not make your own bird nest box this year. Nest Box Plans

Want to learn more? Visit the BTO for advice on siting, maintaining and cleaning your nest boxes.

Ever wondered who lives in that nest? Here’s a short guide to identify common garden bird nests.