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No Mow May: The Wildlife Benefits

No Mow May is a campaign founded by Plantlife the charity set up to promote…

1st May 2023

What’s the Rush?

Fast food, fast fashion, and fast cars. Long hours, short lunches, and little sleep. Places…

1st May 2023

Collared Dove UK: Identification, Food, Nesting & Facts

Collared Dove identification Length: 28cm Resembles a small slender Wood pigeon but their plumage is…

BirdsGarden Birds
17th April 2023

Blue Tit Bird UK: Identification, Habitat & Nesting

Blue Tit Identification Length: 12 cm Easily identified as it is the only tit with…

BirdsGarden Birds
17th April 2023

Great Spotted Woodpecker: Call, Nesting & Facts

What does a Great Spotted Woodpecker look like? Length: 23cm. This is the most common…

BirdsGarden Birds
17th April 2023

All in it Together

I love that feeling of the sun warming my back while I potter in the…

31st March 2023

What are the benefits of slugs and snails?

This guest blog was written by Nikki Banfield, Buglife Communication Officer.  Living and working remotely…

10th March 2023

Of Ever Growing Importance

Our gardens matter. Domestic gardens cover more land in the UK than all nature reserves…

2nd March 2023

Goldfinch Birds UK: Habitat, Identification & Facts

Goldfinch Identification Length: 12cm. An easily recognised species due to conspicuous red face and yellow…

BirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023