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Say No To The Mower


15th August 2014

Last Updated: 20th December 2022

I live in a normal suburban housing estate, but it’s amazing how many species can be found even here. My garden is designed to be wildlife friendly, there are hedgehog boxes and feeding stations wherever I can fit them in. A wildlife pond provides water for birds, mammals and a home to amphibians and certain insects.

But what about the pollinators? As you may be aware pollinators are in trouble. Numbers are dropping rapidly, but there is something we can all do to help. Our gardens can hold the key. Native wildflowers are not only very pretty, but they also provide a suitable habitat for our pollinators. They are better for our native fauna than the showy bedding plants. But there is more you can do!

Over the last 2 years I have had a policy of no mow in the side garden. It saves on work and all I do is cut a path through so I can walk through and the neighbours know it’s done on purpose!

The long grass provides home for insects but also for other animals such as hedgehogs, mice and amphibians.

Wildlife Gardening

It is really starting to pay dividends this year, there are lots of bees, hoverflies and butterflies flying around. We’ve even had a Common Blue Damselfly in the long grass, I’ve never had one in the garden before.

Common Blue Damselfly

So why not give it a go? This weekend leave the mower in the shed, sit back, relax and enjoy the garden and help give nature a home.

The wonderful Cinnabar Moth has made a welcome return to the garden, not seen since 2004!

Cinnabar Moth

Small Tortoiseshells are very common.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

The dainty Small Skipper butterfly.

Small Skipper Butterfly

There is a definite beauty in the long grass, the fine fronds blowing in the wind, just like the meadows I remember as a child, that seem to have vanished from most of our countryside nowadays. Even the roadside verges are now flayed to within an inch of their lives. The grass mixes with a tapestry of yellow dandelions, ragworts and clover. People now stop to comment on how nice it looks!

Long Wildlife Friendly Grass

So why not give it a go? This weekend leave the mower in the shed, sit back, relax and enjoy the garden and help give nature a home.

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