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Garden Mammals: Identification, Facts and Advice

All you need to know about squirrel nests

Grey squirrels are a very familiar sight in the UK. We are just as likely…

1st October 2022

What do hedgehogs eat & what can you feed them?

I have written this article with the intention of offering positive and helpful advice for…

HedgehogsHow To'sMammals
28th September 2022

Badger Habitat, Identification, Diet & Other Facts

Badger identification – what do badgers look like? The European badger belongs to the weasel…

1st September 2022

 A Guide to Hedgehogs by Vale Wildlife Hospital

Feed safely with our simple expert tips Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre is one…

13th July 2022

Just One Thing – For Nature

Here are our top ten tips for helping wildlife thrive in your garden. Just one…

Garden BirdsMammalsWildlife Gardening
17th February 2022

Using a Hedgehog House to attract Hedgehogs to your garden

What you can do to help attract and encourage hedgehogs in your garden. Hedgehogs require…

5th August 2021

When do Hedgehogs Hibernate & Have Babies: A Timeline

Hedgehogs are a native of the UK and our only mammal covered in spines. They…

2nd June 2021

What do squirrels eat? Feeding grey squirrels

About Grey Squirrels Grey squirrels are not a native species to the British Isles, they…

5th February 2021

Living With Mammals


Each year, as spring rolls into summer, PTES asks people to record the mammals on…

17th April 2020