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Squirrels: Facts and Guides

Grey squirrels are incredibly common throughout the UK, despite being native to North America. The bright-orange, less common red squirrel is in fact the UK’s only native squirrel species, yet has been in decline for decades. These adventurous creatures are often seen jumping from tree branches or scurrying around looking for food at speeds of up to 20 mph. 

Our wildlife guides on red and grey squirrels explore their unique diets, feeding habits and nesting behaviour. Along with useful tips on how to boost the wellbeing of squirrels in your area. 

All you need to know about squirrel nests

Grey squirrels are a very familiar sight in the UK. We are just as likely…

1st October 2022

What Do Red Squirrels Eat & What To Feed Them in Your Garden

The red squirrel is native to Britain but is now only found in limited areas…

Red SquirrelsSquirrels
8th February 2021

What do squirrels eat? Feeding grey squirrels

About Grey Squirrels Grey squirrels are not a native species to the British Isles, they…

5th February 2021

Calcium Deficiency & MBD in Squirrels

This article is relevant for supplementary feeding of red and grey squirrels. Why am I…

14th November 2016

Grey Squirrel Facts & Habitat

Identification Length: 25-30cm Fur is mostly grey but paler on the underside. Older individuals can…

20th August 2013

Red Squirrel Identification, Diet, Habitats & Other Facts

Red Squirrel Identification Length: 20-28cmFur is warm reddish-brown, becoming darker in the winter months. The…

MammalsRed SquirrelsSquirrels
20th August 2013