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Wildflowers for Wildlife: Facts and Advice

No Mow May: The Wildlife Benefits

No Mow May is a campaign founded by Plantlife the charity set up to promote…

1st May 2023

Wildlife-friendly gardening to help wildlife in your garden

Unfortunately, UK’s natural wildlife is under threat due to habitat loss and pollution. The good…

BirdsGarden BirdsPesticidesWildflowersWildlife Gardening
10th February 2020

I’m Half Cut, Are You?

I may be the wildlife man but I’m also husband, father and friend. Wildlife is…

LawnsWildflowersWildlife Gardening
11th March 2019

Wildflowers for Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Wildflowers are more than a colourful addition to the garden. They provide food and habitats…

BeesBeneficial InsectsButterfliesWildflowers
21st February 2019

Good Luck but for Whom?

Kissing under the mistletoe, mistletoe and wine, and a bird called mistle thrush. Other than…

17th December 2018

Don’t Underestimate Me!

I’m so ubiquitous I bet you don’t notice me, but I’m wonderful! I arrive with…

WildflowersWildlife Gardening
27th October 2018

Room for Everyone

Does a good wildlife garden need to be overgrown, full of nettles, contain a big…

WildflowersWildlife GardeningWildlife Ponds
23rd October 2018

Plantlife – A Voice for Wildflowers

Dr Trevor Dines is Plantlife’s Botanical Specialist. A very keen gardener, he explains the special…

WildflowersWildlife Gardening
15th June 2015

Creating a Wildlife Garden

“Private gardens occupy about 4 million acres of land in the UK. Combined we can…

BumblebeesGarden BirdsWildflowersWildlife Gardening
12th September 2013