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Wildlife Gardening: Advice and Guides

Six Signs of Spring

A totally arbitrary number, as the signs of spring are so multitudinous. Just stand outside…

SpringWildlife Gardening
28th March 2024

Down to Earth

I’m sitting on my patio blowing steam off a hot mug of tea. It’s going…

SummerWildlife Gardening
4th August 2023

A Lawn Unto Itself

I’m sat on my lawn running my fingers through the neatly trimmed grass. The sun’s…

LawnsWildlife Gardening
9th May 2023

Cast Unto the Earth!

Earthworms, do you ever think about them? We know birds eat them, they live underground,…

LawnWildlife GardeningWorm
16th November 2022

Hedgehog Identification, Habitat & Facts

What do hedgehogs eat? Have you got hedgehogs in your garden? How to identify a…

HedgehogsIdentificationWildlife Gardening
28th September 2022

How To Create Hedgehog Friendly Fences & Tunnels

Despite being voted Britain’s national species in 2014 the Hedgehog population is suffering serious decline…

HedgehogsWildlife Gardening
19th September 2022

Gardening with Wildlife

Once upon a time, sheds up and down the land were packed to the rafters…

Wildlife Gardening
20th June 2022

Are You Being Exploited?

Scientists who study the animals and plants that adopt human dominated (urban) ecosystems have a…

Wildlife Gardening
1st June 2022

Just One Thing – For Nature

Here are our top ten tips for helping wildlife thrive in your garden. Just one…

Garden BirdsMammalsWildlife Gardening
17th February 2022