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Winter Wildlife Guides and Resources

The Fridge is Bare…

The old proverb goes… ‘As the days grow longer, so they become colder’ just when…

Garden BirdsWinter
2nd February 2024

Brrr, I’m Off to Feed the Birds

It’s windy, wet and to be honest, grim out there! I’m not feeling inspired as…

Bird FeedingGarden BirdsWinter
3rd January 2024

It’s Bleak & Frosty. What an Opportunity!

“I need some air.” That moment when a walk becomes an imperative, not an option….

21st December 2022

How Do Birds Keep Warm & Survive in the Winter?

Even from the comfort of our centrally heated homes, wrapped up in cosy knitwear, we…

BirdsGarden BirdsnestWinter
11th November 2022

What to feed birds in winter? Top tips for feeding birds in the winter

A robin in the snow is a typical, heart-warming winter image. But winter is a…

Garden BirdsWinter
29th November 2021

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Another year draws to a close and as families gather, celebrating Christmas with feasts of…

Beneficial InsectsHedgehogsHibernationWinter
11th February 2020

Budge Up!

The more successful species seem to display a higher level of co-operation and social behaviour…

BirdsGarden BirdsWinter
12th January 2019

Feast to Famine?

Today a thought entered my head, while we prepare for our annual overindulgence called Christmas,…

BirdsGarden BirdsWinter
3rd December 2018

Sparrowhawks unusually absent from gardens this winter

It’s been a mixed year for sparrowhawks. British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) Garden BirdWatch survey…

20th April 2017