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Winter blues and a heavy cold


28th December 2012

Last Updated: 11th April 2019

Tired blue titIt seems every year the week before Christmas I get a heavy cold. As you can imagine this is also one of our busiest periods at work, so I have to press on regardless. However, the compensation is knowing in just a few short days, the orders will stop and I’ll get a few days off.

I’m very lucky that my wife Karen is very organised and my role at Christmas is simply to welcome the family to a big dinner, a few drinks and a long relaxing stay. In other words, I have to do nothing and I’m supplied with all the food I can eat, warmth and protection. Time I use well to recuperate, recharge my batteries and get back to full fitness.

Just as us humans, our birds and animals if subjected to cold and hunger or stress and lack of rest, will become ill. Birds and animals are subject to viruses and bacterial attacks just as we are but don’t have the benefit of the NHS or my wife to fall back on. For a tired, cold or hungry animal there is no break, they must press on regardless, or perish. There is no sick pay or duvet days in the wild.

All in all, I’m glad I’m not a bird but what I can do is give them the best food possible and provide them with a safe stress free garden in which to eat it.

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