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Butterfly Food

In the wild butterflies consume several different food sources to sustain them, including drinking nectar from a wide variety of garden and wild flowers, particularly those in warm and sheltered places. Adult butterflies enjoy the nectar from marigolds, bluebells, buttercups, hyacinth, lavender, blackberry bushes and thistles, among others. They also feast on tasty delights like rotting vegetation and over-ripe fruit.

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Butterfly Food
Butterfly Food


Butterfly Food
Butterfly Food

Butterflies are beautiful and unique insects that can be a joy to behold in our gardens. Watching them flit from flower to flower can be enchanting and there are 56 species in the UK.

Sadly, butterfly numbers are in decline and the number of butterflies has dropped by a quarter since the 1970s, due to loss of habitat, pollution and climate change. Give butterflies a helping hand by making your garden a safe place for these delicate creatures. 

What can I feed my butterflies? 

There are several ways to attract more butterflies into your garden. This includes planting bright and fragrant flowers, avoiding the use of pesticides and leaving fallen fruit under trees. 

You can also use our special butterfly food. Our food is a 100 percent natural specially-formulated blend, which includes essential vitamins suitable for British butterflies and moths. 

The mix is easy to prepare, mixing one round teaspoon in 100ml water and can be used with a butterfly feeder or put into a shallow dish. Or use our Butterfly Nectar Feeding Station or Butterfly Complete Biome. Read more about butterfly houses and feeders for the garden

The butterfly food solution has been formulated to ensure the sugars do not crystallise in the stomach of the insect, which can be a risk with refined sugar solutions.

We can help, talk to us

Would you like to find out more or ask us some questions about butterflies and what to feed them? We are committed to helping you create the perfect sanctuary for your butterflies, birds and other wildlife. Please call on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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