Gardening with Wildlife

Ever greater numbers of gardeners appreciate the enjoyment gardening with wildlife offers. While traditional gardening offers tremendous health and wellbeing benefits for us humans, the extension of gardening with wildlife in mind, adds a new dimension of pleasure and interest. Discover how much richer your garden can become with greater diversity and abundance of all living things for you to see, hear, touch and smell. Embrace wildlife and create a haven for all living things.

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Combined our gardens cover an area the size of Wales, that’s 24-million individual spaces that when gardened with love and care could make a big difference to the natural world. We could create a patchwork quilt of living landscape, suitable for nature to bound across, increasing safe spaces for wildlife to survive and even thrive. Every garden would become a green space and a connected mini nature reserve.

Hedgehogs, bats, birds, beetles, frogs, and newts are all declining species in the UK, but happily adopt urban gardens as home. We just need to create our gardens as welcoming spaces for nature. When we manage our gardens to benefit wildlife, these creatures and many more will find sanctuary.

Gardening with wildlife is not difficult to do. Much, you will already be doing and there are as many jobs ‘not’ to do, as do. Stop using pesticides and herbicides. Instead allow nature to find its own balance. Add water and plenty of it. Ponds, bird baths, pools and other water features support a myriad of creatures. Don’t overly fuss about ‘native’ flowers, as good a guide as any is if it smells good, it is good. Bugs and bees will come swarming.

All the products on our website are tested safe for use in wildlife gardens. Safe for use on vegetables as well as for children, pets, and all wildlife. You can feel secure your buying decisions will do no harm. After all, while we all want to enjoy our gardens today, we still want our children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities in the future.