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Yuletide, Yule Logs and Christmas Trees

As Christmas approaches, we start planning our great get togethers with friends and family, gifts…

12th December 2019

It’s all Quiet in the Garden

As spring draws to a close and the frantic pace of nature settles into the…

10th June 2019

I’m Half Cut, Are You?

I may be the wildlife man but I’m also husband, father and friend. Wildlife is…

LawnsWildflowersWildlife Gardening
11th March 2019

Nature Discombobulated

Every now and again spring upsets the rhythms of the natural world. One year it’s…

3rd March 2019

A Charm of Goldfinches & Their Migration

What is the collective noun for goldfinches? A group of goldfinches is known as a…

Bird FeedingBirdsGarden Birds
4th February 2019

Budge Up!

The more successful species seem to display a higher level of co-operation and social behaviour…

BirdsGarden BirdsWinter
12th January 2019

Autochthonous or Not?

To a casual observer the birds and wildlife in our parks and gardens may appear…

Beneficial InsectsGarden BirdsInvertebrates
22nd December 2018

Good Luck but for Whom?

Kissing under the mistletoe, mistletoe and wine, and a bird called mistle thrush. Other than…

17th December 2018

Feast to Famine?

Today a thought entered my head, while we prepare for our annual overindulgence called Christmas,…

BirdsGarden BirdsWinter
3rd December 2018