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Squirrel Baffles

Squirrel baffles quite simply stop squirrels climbing up bird feeder poles and bird tables. They can also be used to stop squirrels jumping on to bird feeders and stealing the food. The good news is most baffles are designed to fit existing poles and bird tables.

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Clear Squirrel Baffle
Clear Squirrel Baffle
Embossed Squirrel Baffle 18
Embossed Squirrel Baffle 18"
Versatile Squirrel Baffle
Versatile Squirrel Baffle
Squirrel Slinky (Garden Pole System)
Squirrel Slinky (Garden Pole System)

Squirrels are present in most UK gardens with bird feeders. The question is how to prevent squirrels stealing the bird food. The simplest solution if you already have a bird table or bird feeder is to buy a squirrel baffle that fits your existing feeders.

Squirrel Baffles for Hanging Bird Feeders

Our squirrel baffles can be used with hanging bird feeders to stop squirrels climbing down trees and fences to reach the food as well as on poles and bird tables. Squirrel baffles are a low cost way to squirrel proof your existing bird feeders. 

If squirrels are climbing up poles or bird table legs, you will need a squirrel baffle that fits below the feeder. If squirrels are jumping on to the feeders or table, you will need to place a baffle over the area. It’s important to note that squirrels are very athletic and can jump up to five feet vertically and over 10 feet horizontally, so feeder placement also matters!

None of our squirrel deterrents cause any harm or risk injuring any animal, and in fact offer great entertainment watching the crafty and persistent squirrels trying to overcome the obstacle of a baffle. Be warned, they don’t give up the chance of a free meal easily!

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