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House Martins are a delight to watch as they flit gracefully around your garden. With a House Martin nest box, you can provide them with the ideal nesting site. These high-quality boxes are the perfect place to raise their young, helping to keep the wildlife in your garden thriving.  

House Martin in a nest bowl

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  • House Martin Nest Box Bowl

    House Martin Nest Box Bowl

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    • Durable: extra long-lasting woodstone construction
    • Natural: replicates the shape and form of natural nests
    • Practical: permanently mounted on wooden boards

Showing 1-1 of 1 product

House martins are a charming migratory bird that spend most of their time flying at high altitudes, only stopping for longer periods of time to nest and lay eggs. They are sadly in decline, but dedicated nest boxes help to provide safe and dependable spaces for them to grow and thrive.

Supporting House Martins

These specially designed nest boxes offer a cosy alternative to their usual mud-and-spit constructions. With natural nesting spots becoming rare, these ready-made homes can be a real lifesaver. Pop them up under the eaves of your house, away from bothersome wind.

Why choose Ark Wildlife?

House martin nest boxes are specially designed to replicate their natural habitat, whilst seamlessly blending into your garden. The nests are immediately ready for use, and as House martins can return to the same nest, they will provide a safe and secure nest that will help to reintroduce the species to your area. They often nest in groups, so flat connectors allow you to install several nests alongside one another. A great way to encourage more than one House martin to make a home in your garden!

Attracting House Martins

Now, don't go filling up the bird feeder for these insect-munching marvels. They prefer to snatch their meals whilst in flight. And unlike squirrels and other garden thieves, they won’t be drawn to food supplies in your garden. However, providing safe and secure nesting spaces is a great way to encourage house martins to return to your garden year after year. You can also attract house martins to your garden by creating an environment that insects (the house martin’s meal of choice) can thrive in. A pond is an excellent place to attract insects, but if you don’t have a pond, a wide variety of plants and flowers will also do the trick.


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