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Ark Hearty Suet Mix
    Ark Hearty Suet Mix
Ark Hearty Suet Mix
Ark Hearty Suet Mix
    Ark Hearty Suet Mix
Ark Hearty Suet Mix



What is it?
This superior seed mix has tasty added suet titbits for bird tables and seed feeders. Perfect for a variety of small birds to enjoy this no mess mix.

How does it help?
Providing the birds in your garden with high-energy bird food is a great way to keep them both healthy and coming back for more! The delicious addition of insect suet pellets offers a boost of energy that’s nutritional and exciting for the birds to enjoy.

The hulled sunflower seeds allow the birds to enjoy the entire seed without leaving any mess behind. We only use the best quality small seeds, so you can rest assured that your feathered friends are getting the most out of their food.

Sean says:
“Originally developed to be our first choice winter food, Ark Hearty Suet has proved to be supremely popular through the breeding season as well. It`s always satisfying when a food overperforms.”


Composition (per 100g): 615kcal, Oil 41.5%.
Contains: Sunflower Hearts, Dari, Hemp Seeds, Millet, Oats, Insect Suet Pellets.

Not for human consumption. May contain nuts or nut oils.


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  • Versatile: attracts a variety of birds
  • High-quality: we use only the most premium seeds
  • Caring: no fillers as these offer no nutritional value

Ark Hearty™ Suet Mix

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  • Versatile: attracts a variety of birds
  • High-quality: we use only the most premium seeds
  • Caring: no fillers as these offer no nutritional value
*Delivered in multiple 13kg bags for your convenience
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Q: The birds often drop the tiny round seeds, is this because they don't like them?

A: The small round seeds you refer to in the Ark Hearty™ Suet Mix are the red and white dari, which are high carbohydrate tonic seeds. All our mixes are specially formulated for wild birds’ nutritional requirements and the role of the tonic seeds is that the birds will take them as and when they require them throughout the year. Obviously with changes in season and changes of bird visitors with migration patterns, that the amount of tonic seeds they require will vary.

Q: Can I use it for table and ground feeding birds?

A: Ark Hearty™ Suet Mix can be used for table and ground feeding birds as well as in feeders for the smaller birds. It is an extremely palatable mix and packed with energy that can benefit a large variety of garden birds.

Q: Is it a winter mix?

A: The Ark Hearty™ Suet Mix is a perfect year round mix. Though particularly good in the winter due to its high suet content, it’s balanced nutritional value will benefit the birds all year round, especially as a ‘pick me up’ during the nesting season.