Sean picking bird food

100% Natural Food for Birds and Wildlife

  • 100% Natural Food for Birds and Wildlife
  • Fresh bird food UK
  • Freshly Packed for You

All our bird and wildlife foods are 100 per cent natural. Quite simply we never add artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or synthetic ingredients to any food we sell.

At the Ark we never treat our food with pesticides or fungicides to prolong their shelf life!

Best Used within 3 Months
Fresh food tastes better. We won’t compromise on quality because we know the freshest, best ingredients attract more birds and wildlife. This is why we blend and pack our food daily on our premises.

Nutritional values decline over time. Vitamins and oil levels (energy rating) reduce over time and so does the taste! With our low cost, free next day delivery point and multiple weight options, you can buy as little and as often as you require. Our food can be stored in a cool dry place out of sunlight, with minimal deterioration for up to 3 months.

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