“To be the driving force behind an everlasting revival of British wildlife – garden by garden – one simple change at a time.”

Do it, our mission


Nature doesn’t have much time. So, we’re making things simple. Radically simple. Through innovation and education, we’ll give the nation the right ideas and the right tools to make the right changes to their gardens – to create a space for wildlife to thrive anywhere and everywhere.

Simple products, simple solutions, simple pleasures.

Our Values

Nature Buffs

Nature buffs

Genuine passion for wildlife is what drives us all. It’s not just a culture, it’s who we are. So, whatever our role, we’ll put 100% into doing it right. Our knowledge and love of nature oozes from everything we do.

Team Wildlife

Team wildlife

We’re in this for the good of the planet’s living things. So we’ll work together, support each other and share ideas generously. We never stop evolving and learning to do things better, smarter or more efficiently.

Change Makers

Change Makers

We’re not just a bunch of different thinkers, we’re doers. Innovation is a huge part of how we can challenge the status quo. So, when we have bright ideas (at any level) we’ll share openly and start looking into practical solutions quickly.

Real People

Real people

Nature is relying on us to bring other people on this journey. So trust is absolutely essential. We’re kind and inclusive. Our customer service is always at its best, and we’ll always share their feedback with stakeholders so they feel heard.

Simplicity Rules

Simplcity rules

We don’t have time for complicated. So we keep our language clear and to the point. If there’s a process we can simplify or a product we can make work better, we will always find a way.



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