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There is nothing more enjoyable than getting a close view of our garden birds. Our range of window bird feeders are designed to bring garden birds closer to our homes. They are also ideal for bird lovers who do not have enough space for a designated bird feeding station in their garden, so if you have a patio or balcony garden, this can make a perfect bird-feeding product.

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Bird Lovers Window Seed Feeder
Bird Lovers Window Seed Feeder
Complete Window Feeder with 2x Fat Ball Holders
Complete Window Feeder with 2x Fat Ball Holders
Bird Lovers Window Nut Feeder
Bird Lovers Window Nut Feeder
Flutter Butter Pod Window Feeder
Flutter Butter Pod Window Feeder

Windows bird feeders are designed around different foods. The Bird Lovers Seed Feeder and Bird Lovers Window Nut Feeder are tubular feeder designed for seeds and nuts. Lightweight, strong and durable, they come with two suction pads and are ideal for living room and bedroom windows.

We also have a Flutter Butter Pod Window Feeder, designed for Flutter Butter peanut butter pods. This offers birds a delicious, calorie-rich and protein-packed treat, ideal for winter months when they are using extra energy to keep warm.

How can you encourage birds to use a window bird feeder?

It is fun to use a window bird feeder. Even if you have a larger bird feeding station in place, these products can make a great addition to your garden because they will encourage birds to come right up to your window so you can get a close look at them. Window feeders offer an excellent way to introduce wild birds to children and stimulate an interest in wildlife conservation.

Offer your birds a variety of bird food, including seeds and suet all year round. During the winter, birds will appreciate the food when natural supplies are scarce but ensure you continue to feed them, as they will keep coming back for more. Use our range of bird feed, which is designed around the nutritional needs of garden birds.

To stop birds from colliding with the window, put up blinds or curtains to stop reflections on the glass. Ideally ensure there is shelter nearby, such as a hedge or bush, so there is somewhere for birds to shelter and hide between feeding sessions.

View our full range of garden bird feeders. Wild birds need water as much as food for drinking and bathing. We always recommend putting fresh clean water out every day of the year.

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If you are thinking about purchasing a window bird feeder and are not sure what product to choose, we can help. Please give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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