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How to Attract Hedgehogs to your garden

What you can do to help attract and encourage hedgehogs in your garden. Hedgehogs require…

5th August 2021

Solitary Bees and Mason Bees: UK Guide

Types of Solitary Bees Two of our most common garden solitary bees are the red…

BeesBeneficial InsectsSpring
12th April 2021

Baby Bird Found In Your Garden, What Next?

Spring has arrived in the UK and this means our garden birds are at their…

Garden BirdsSpring
9th April 2021

Which Birds Eat Peanuts & Are Peanuts Good For Birds?

Feeding garden birds has been a national pastime for well over a hundred years here…

Bird FeedingGarden Birds
9th February 2021

When to clean out bird nesting boxes

Autumn marks the end of the breeding season when all bird nest boxes should be…

Nest Boxes
6th February 2021

What do squirrels eat? Feeding grey squirrels

About Grey Squirrels Grey squirrels are not a native species to the British Isles, they…

5th February 2021

Hedgehogs in Spring: How you can help

All over the UK, hedgehogs are beginning to wake up from hibernation. There are lots…

17th March 2015

Butterfly Houses for the Garden: A Guide

A Butterfly House or Butterfly Feeder added to the garden can encourage a wider range…

18th July 2014

How To Help Hedgehogs In Your Garden

Facts show the UK Hedgehog population has been in steep decline in recent years and…

29th May 2014