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No Mow May: The Wildlife Benefits

No Mow May is a campaign founded by Plantlife the charity set up to promote…

1st May 2023

Birds To Spot On Your Feeder & Their Beak Size

Take a moment to look out of the window at the birds in your garden….

Bird FeedingBirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023

National Nest Box Week

With bird breeding season drawing ever closer, you’ll likely have begun to hear your garden…

BirdsGarden BirdsNest Boxes
8th February 2023

All you need to know about squirrel nests

Grey squirrels are a very familiar sight in the UK. We are just as likely…

1st October 2022

A guide to yellow birds in the UK

We are so fortunate in the UK to be able to look out of our…

30th September 2022

What do hedgehogs eat & what can you feed them?

I have written this article with the intention of offering positive and helpful advice for…

HedgehogsHow To'sMammals
28th September 2022

Wildlife Pond Design Ideas & Tips UK

“The fastest and most effective way to attractwildlife into your garden.” It would be nice…

How To'sWildlife Ponds
7th September 2022

Solitary Bees, Mason Bees & Leafcutter Bees UK: A Guide

Solitary bees identification UK Two of our most common garden solitary bees are the red…

BeesBeneficial InsectsSpring
7th September 2022

What is a sensory garden?

A sensory garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, which provokes the physical senses of…

20th July 2022