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Bird Feeding Advice and Guides

Feeding garden birds helps support the nutritional needs of wild birds – plus, you are rewarded with your garden being transformed into a wildlife hotspot. With so many variations of bird food and feeders available, it’s important to know which one is best for your feathered friends. 

Our bird feeding guides are completed with the dietary requirements of different bird species, along with useful tips on how to feed your wild birds, including the best time of year to offer food and which feeders are suitable for the species in your garden. 

Brrr, I’m Off to Feed the Birds

It’s windy, wet and to be honest, grim out there! I’m not feeling inspired as…

Bird FeedingGarden BirdsWinter
3rd January 2024

Flying Solo

As the sun climbs higher in the sky and we enjoy the longer days and…

Bird FeedingSummer
26th June 2023

Birds To Spot On Your Feeder & Their Beak Size

Take a moment to look out of the window at the birds in your garden….

Bird FeedingBirdsGarden Birds
23rd February 2023

Bird Feeding Tips & Advice

1 New to bird feeding? Start with sunflower hearts. Most birds will enjoy eating them…

Bird FeedingBirdsGarden BirdsTop Ten's
18th May 2021

Which Birds Eat Peanuts & Are Peanuts Good For Birds?

Feeding garden birds has been a national pastime for well over a hundred years here…

Bird FeedingGarden Birds
9th February 2021

How to Attract Woodpeckers to Your Garden & What Do They Eat?

If you’re keen to see more woodpeckers in your garden – whether greater spotted woodpeckers,…

Bird Feeding
18th January 2021

When in Rome

I recently stayed at a remote woodland lodge with the intention of doing a bit…

Bird Feeding
10th February 2020

A Charm of Goldfinches & Their Migration

What is the collective noun for goldfinches? A group of goldfinches is known as a…

Bird FeedingBirdsGarden Birds
4th February 2019

Want to attract Goldfinches? Sunflower hearts are the answer!

Goldfinches are being seen at garden bird feeders in ever-greater numbers, and the key attraction…

Bird FeedingGarden Birds
10th September 2018