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Bird Nesting Material

Birds will work extremely hard to make their nests. As well as providing nest boxes in your garden, you can give your garden birds a head start with our 100 percent natural nesting material. This helps to cushion and support their eggs and insulate them against the changing temperatures. It will also help to camouflage their eggs from predators.

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Nest Box Starter Material Nest Box Starter Material
Bird Nesting Material and Holder Bird Nesting Material and Holder
Bird Nesting Material Bird Nesting Material
Fine Oystershell Grit Fine Oystershell Grit

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Fine Oystershell Grit Fine Oystershell Grit

Our 100% British sheep wool makes the ideal insulating warm and comfortable finish for any bird’s nests. Our bird nesting material is 100 percent natural and cleaned.

What do birds use to build their nests?

Different species of birds use many different materials to make their nests and line them. The material they use will depend on the size of the bird, the location and how many eggs it will contain. Common nesting materials include twigs and leaves, grass clippings, animal grooming fur, human hair, pine needles, straw, moss, lichen, plant stems, yarn and string and feathers. Birds will select very carefully what they use, to offer their eggs the best protection and comfort.

Birds begin nesting from any time between February to July. You can use the wool loose or from our purpose-made dispenser. Leave it near their bird nesting box in a sheltered area for them to find, to give your birds a chance of successfully raising their young. It may also be appreciated by other local birds who may take it away to construct and line their own nests. 

You may also wish to leave some natural materials, like grass cuttings for your birds in an area where it will not get wet or be blown away. Avoid using any material that has been treated with fertilisers or pesticides, or anything that you are unsure of, such as plastic materials that may harm your birds. 

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