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Nest Box Protection

Birds are not the only wildlife that might try to access your bird boxes. Predators like squirrels, rats, mice, stoats and woodpeckers may also try to get inside to get eggs, nestlings and even adult birds who are more vulnerable when they are caring for their chicks. Birds, including sparrows and starlings, might also try to take over the nests of smaller birds, like tits. Metal plates fixed around the entrance hole of wooden boxes will help to deter them.

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Nestbox Hole Protection Plate
Nestbox Hole Protection Plate

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Nestbox Hole Protection Plate
Nestbox Hole Protection Plate
Nestbox Guardian
Nestbox Guardian
Aluminium Nails Pack Of 10
Aluminium Nails Pack Of 10

Bird nesting boxes will have holes of different sizes to encourage different birds into them. For example, boxes with a 26mm entrance hole are suitable for blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits. Boxes with a 32mm entrance hole will appeal to great, march, blue and coal tits, house and tree sparrows, nuthatches, redstarts and pied flycatchers. Larger 75mm entrance slots are ideal for robins and occasionally flycatchers, blackbirds, wagtails and wrens. Using a hole restrictor will deter predators trying to increase the hole size to gain access.

Protection plates designed for your bird boxes

Although nest boxes will provide opportunities for your garden birds, they can also make easy targets for predators. Our Copper Nest Box Protection Plate will protect wooden nest boxes from predator attacks. These plates are available in two sizes – with a 26mm hole and a 32mm hole, designed to fit corresponding boxes. They can also be used if you wish to reduce the hole size of one of your nesting boxes to attract different species. Each protection plate comes complete with fixing screws.

These protection plates will also reduce wear and tear and increase the life of the nest box. Nest boxes that are occupied should be left undisturbed. When placing your bird nesting boxes, situate them away from areas where predators are prevalent. Keep your bird feeders and bird tables clean and clear of old feed, to deter rats and other vermin. You can also fit a tube to the entrance of your bird box, such as the Bird Nest Box Guardian. Birds will not mind using this for access and predators will find it more difficult to stretch through the tube to reach inside the nest. Read our blog about siting bird nest boxes.

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