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Hedgehog Houses

Hedgehogs have long been appreciated by gardeners for eating snails, slugs and other unwelcome insects. It is also a joy to watch these prickly visitors in action. As well as offering them food, another way to welcome them is by providing them with a safe space to nest and shelter such as a hedgehog house. Hedgehog numbers are in decline, so it is important that we do what we can to help them thrive.

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Dutch Barn Hedgehog House
  • NEW
Dutch Barn Hedgehog House
Royal Hedgehog House Royal Hedgehog House
Hedgehog Care Home / Hogilo Hedgehog Care Home / Hogilo
Igloo Hedgehog House Igloo Hedgehog House
Homes For Hedgehogs Starter Pack Homes For Hedgehogs Starter Pack
Igloo Hedgehog Feeder Pack Igloo Hedgehog Feeder Pack
Woodstone Hedgehog House Woodstone Hedgehog House
Hedgehog Food Bowl Hedgehog Food Bowl
Hedgehog Water Bowl Hedgehog Water Bowl
Hedgehog Highway Sign Hedgehog Highway Sign
Hedgehog Bedding Hedgehog Bedding


Hedgehog Bedding Hedgehog Bedding

A hedgehog house will give them a space to shelter from the elements, hibernate, rest and raise their young. In the wild, they look for deep cover under brambles and collect dry leaves, grass and bracken to make their nests. In our increasingly tidy and well-manicured gardens, these natural and safe spaces can be hard to find – but the solution is at hand! 

We supply a great range of hedgehog houses suitable for hedgehogs needs and we also supply hedgehog bedding in case natural bedding materials are scarce within your garden. 

Our hedgehog products include: 

  • Homes for Hedgehogs Start Pack
  • Royal Hedgehog House
  • Igloo Hedgehog Feeder Pack
  • Hedgehogs Care Home/Hogilo
  • Igloo Hedgehog House
  • Schwegler Hedgehog Dome
  • Hedgehog Food Bowl
  • Hedgehog Water Bowl
  • Hedgehog Bedding
  • Hedgehog Highway Sign 

Where should I place my hedgehog house?

If you place your hedgehog house in your garden during the spring or summer months, this will mean it is ready for when hedgehogs are looking for a place to hibernate during the winter. 

Place your hedgehog house in a quiet part of your garden, ideally under cover against a wall, fence or bank. Place the box out of direct sunlight but make sure the entrance does not face north and is out of the wind. It can take a while for hedgehogs to take up residence, though we have reports of them even being occupied on the first night.

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We are passionate about wildlife and helping our customers find exactly what they need for their gardens and other outdoor spaces. If you would like to know more about helping the hedgehogs in your garden, call us now on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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