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British Wildlife Books

Our gardens are fantastic places to watch wildlife and learn more about birds and other interesting creatures. If you want to know more about the fascinating wildlife outside your back door and further afield, browse our selection of paperback and hardback books. These books are packed with information, statistics and facts about birds, squirrels, badgers, bees and other creatures.

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Hedgehogs by Pat Morris Hedgehogs by Pat Morris
Squirrels By Jessica Holm Squirrels By Jessica Holm
Badgers by Michael Clark Badgers by Michael Clark
Owls by Chris Mead Owls by Chris Mead
Urban Mammals by David Wembridge Urban Mammals by David Wembridge

When you see activity in your garden and would like to know more, a reference book can make an excellent first port of call. Suitable for people of all ages, our books are written by leading experts for passionate nature lovers everywhere. As well as a self-purchase, these books make wonderful gifts for friends and family to treasure. 

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Would you like to know more about a specific species and how to help them thrive? Our books include up-to-date facts, illustrations and are engaging and informative reads. 

Our books include:

  • Hedgehogs by Pat Morris
  • Badgers by Michael Clark
  • Owls by Chris Mead
  • Squirrels by Jessica Holm
  • Urban Mammals by David Wembridge 

We also have a selection of field guides, such as: 

  • Field Guide to British Bats
  • Field Guide to Bees of Britain
  • Field Guide – Top 50 Garden Birds
  • Field Guide to Butterflies of Britain
  • Field Guide to Keeping Frog Tadpoles
  • Field Guide to Ladybirds
  • Field Guide to Hedgehogs
  • Guide to Solitary Bees in the Garden

Our wildlife books can help you to identify different species and assist you in your efforts to offer them shelter in your garden. Reading books with your children can also be a wonderful way to engage the interest of the next generation in wildlife conservation.

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Are you looking for a wildlife book about something specific? Let us help. We can be reached on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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