Bird Feeders

Bird feeding in the sanctuary of your garden is a joy. Providing set feeding locations with a variety of bird feeders will allow wild birds to congregate and develop a routine, allowing you the privilege of watching your birds for hours on end.

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What kind of bird feeder should I buy?

There are now a huge variety of bird feeders available, each designed to appeal to different kinds of bird. Base your decision upon the birds that are common to your area and the birds you’d like to attract to your garden – as well as the conditions in your garden.

For example, if you want robins, thrushes or blackbirds to pay you a visit, you’ll need a ground feeder. Whereas woodpeckers might be tempted into your garden by a squirrel-proof peanut feeder.

It`s important to consider the type of food you`ll be leaving out. Feeders are designed to hold certain kinds of food, whether it’s seed, peanuts, suet balls or even live mealworms on the menu.

What type of food should I put in my bird feeder?

As we’ve discussed, different feeders are available for different types of food. But the food you put out will depend upon the feathered visitors you receive – or the species you want in your garden.

sparrows, finches, great tits and blue tits all love sunflower seeds, while robins and blackbirds favour sunflower hearts. Goldfinches, greenfinches and siskins, meanwhile, enjoy niger seeds, which are best served up in a specialist niger seed feeder. You can attract nearby woodpeckers and song thrushes with mealworms.

Like us humans though, birds like variety, so don’t be afraid to mix it up every once in a while – and don’t forget to supply plenty of clean water.

It’s also vital to provide food that’s appropriate to the season. For example, suet balls are great for birds needing to fatten up for the winter, when energy-packed feed mixes will also come in useful.

How can I encourage birds to use my bird feeder?

First things first: make sure your bird feeder occupies a spot well away from predators, preferably in a quiet corner of your garden. Birds need to feel safe when they’re eating.

Although you might have a particular bird in mind, you need to consider which birds are in your neighbourhood. Putting a mixture of bird food out will allow birds to pick out their favourite seeds, leaving others for other birds.

Offering food to suit the season is also crucial if you want regular diners at your feeder. During the summer, when they`re moulting and breeding, birds need food with more protein and calcium. Fatty and high-energy foods are more important in the run-up to winter.

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