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Nest Box for Robins

Everyone loves to see these wonderful little birds with their bright red chests in their gardens. Often called the UK’s favourite bird, robins can be seen in our gardens throughout the year, especially during the summer months. Welcome nesting robins into your garden with our selection of nest boxes, designed for them.

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Apex Blackbird Nest Box
Apex Blackbird Nest Box
Ark Cedar Bird Nest Box - Open Fronted
Ark Cedar Bird Nest Box - Open Fronted
Apex Robin & Wren Nest Box
Apex Robin & Wren Nest Box
Giant Robin Nest Pocket
Giant Robin Nest Pocket
Schwegler 2H Open Nest Box
Schwegler 2H Open Nest Box
Woodstone Open Nest Box
Woodstone Open Nest Box

Robins are known for nesting in unlikely spots, such as in hanging baskets, in boots, sheds or even pockets. They may also construct their nests near the ground in hedges, piles of logs and other tight places that are fully-concealed from predators.

Female robins build the nests from leaves and moss. They do this as early as January if the weather is mild, though breeding season normally begins in March. They will normally lay their eggs between April and August and can produce between three and five broods per year with four or five eggs in each.

How can I help my garden robins?

Encourage robins to nests in specially-designed boxes. We offer a range of nesting boxes, which are ideal for our red-breasted friends.

  • Apex Robin & Wren Nest Box
  • Apex Nest Box Triple Pack
  • Apex Open Fronted Bird Nest Box
  • Woodstone Open Nest Box
  • Schwegler 2H Open Nest Box

Place the nest box in a dark and secluded spot, away from predators. Among vegetation, shrubs or creepers is ideal.

Offer your robins feed all year round from a bird table or ground feeder. We have a range of robin-friendly bird food available, which will provide them with essential energy and protein. Read our blog about a robin moment.

Wild birds need water as much as food for drinking and bathing. We always recommend putting fresh clean water out every day of the year.

We can help, talk to us

To find out more about encouraging robins into your garden and the ways you can look after them, please call our team. We can be reached on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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