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Swift Nest Boxes

Swifts are astonishing aerial acrobats who spend their lives in the air; eating, drinking, mating and sleeping on the wing. The only exception to this is when they are nesting. Modern building techniques and designs exclude swifts from their traditional nesting sites in the eaves and gables of buildings. Offering nesting opportunities such as a nest box is essential to assist them in successfully raising a brood.

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Swift Nest Box
Swift Nest Box


Swift Nest Box
Swift Nest Box

Normally arriving in Europe from Africa in late April or early May, garden swifts come to the UK to breed, returning to warmer climates in late July or early August. Traditionally, they built their nests in holes in trees, on cliffs and churches, so they could drop into the nest entrance from the air. Nests are constructed from anything they can find in the air, such as straw, hay and seeds.

How can I help my garden swifts?

Welcome swifts to nest by fitting our swift nest box within the eaves of the house or on the wall under the eaves, so they will be protected from the weather. They also need space and height to take off, so boxes need to be at least five metres from the ground. Ensure their flight path into the box is clear from trees or wires. Never varnish, paint or treat the wood because this will deter the swifts from nesting.

  • Schwegler Swift Box No. 17C Double Cavity
  • Schwegler Delta Shaped Swift Box
  • Swift Nest Box
  • Schwegler Swift Observation Box No. 15
  • Schwegler Nestbox Triple Cavity
  • Schwegler Swift Box No17B with Enlarged Brood Chamber, Single Cavity
  • Schwegler Lightweight Swift Box No. 1A
  • Schwegler 1MF Double Swift Box
  • Schwegler Swift Observations No. 14 with Access Tube
  • Schwegler Swift Box 16S
  • Schwegler Swift Box No. 18
  • Schwegler No. 16 Swift Nestbox
  • Schwegler No. 25 Brick Box for Swifts

We also offer special nest moulds and help for use with Schwegler nest boxes, which will encourage nesting and to create easy and effective nesting spaces. View our full range of bird nesting boxes.

We can help, talk to us 

Are you hoping to attract swifts to nest boxes located in the eaves of your home or somewhere nearby? We understand there are many products available and that choosing the right one can be tricky. Give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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