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Hedgehog Hibernation: Facts and Guides

Hedgehogs are one of the few UK mammals that hibernate. It’s a common myth that hedgehogs enter a deep sleep during hibernation. Instead, they lower their body temperature to match their cold surroundings to save their energy. This causes all other bodily functions to slow down, making regular activity impossible – a fascinating response to winter weather. 

Our expert guides explore the wonder of hedgehog hibernation, including their favourite resting places, why you might catch hedgehogs wandering from their nests and how you can help them adjust post-hibernation.

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Another year draws to a close and as families gather, celebrating Christmas with feasts of…

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11th February 2020

Why are they still awake?

Active hedgehogs were being seen in gardens well into December, according to reports from the…

12th February 2017

Hedgehogs in Spring: How you can help

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17th March 2015

My hedgehog (cough) wakes (snort) up (wheeze)

I don’t know about you but I’ve reached an age where I can’t quite reach…

HedgehogsHibernationSean's BlogSpring
11th March 2013