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Woodpecker Nest Boxes

Many bird watchers are keen to spot woodpeckers as they are such beautiful birds. You can see why with their chisel-like bills, stiff tail and striking plumage.

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Woodpecker Nest Box
Woodpecker Nest Box

There are three species of woodpecker in the UK and one species of wryneck (in the woodpecker family) that you might be able to spot if you are lucky:

  • Green woodpecker
  • Great spotted woodpecker
  • Lesser spotted woodpecker
  • Wryneck

What can I do to attract woodpeckers to my garden?

It is such a treat to spot a woodpecker in your garden. The first thing that might come to mind would be which food to offer. However, just as important as offering the right food is providing the right shelter for woodpeckers in your garden. 

The Woodpecker Nest Box encourages natural nesting habits with a simple ‘pilot hole’ drilled into the wood allowing the birds to excavate the nest themselves by enlarging the entrance to their preference.

Supplied with additional Nest Box Starter material it gives you the best chance of attracting these fabulous birds.

Woodpecker food

Combine the Woodpecker Nest Box with some of their favourite foods in feeders that they can easily access and you will have created a woodpecker haven. 

Woodpeckers will enjoy suet based products, mealworms, Hazelnut Kernels, Peanut Kernels in the Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder. You can rub fat balls or suet cake into the deeper cracks of bark in the tree for the Woodpeckers to discover.

Although woodpeckers leave woodland to explore, you are more likely to have woodpeckers in your garden if you have mature trees.

We can help, talk to us 

If you are keen to attract nesting woodpeckers give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865 and we can help advise you.

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