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Bird feed scoops make filling bird feeders simple and mess free. Scoop the seeds directly from the bag or bin and simply pour into the bird feeder. We have a range of scoops including plastic and metal seed scoops of various capacities to suit all requirements.

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Clear Feed Scoop Clear Feed Scoop
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How often should you refill your bird seed?

If you feed the birds in your garden, you will want to keep them happy and may be wondering how regularly you should refill your bird feeders. If you have bird feeders filled with our popular seed mixes, you may find that they empty very quickly.

Ideally you should refill your bird feeders when they are empty because your birds will return for more. By keeping them full, you will also attract a wide variety of birds. It is important to allow feeders to completely empty (or tip out any remaining seed) before refilling them for hygiene and freshness.

Ideally put out only enough food to cleared within a day or two to ensure fresh food is available. Each garden`s requirements will be different depending on your visitors.

Wild birds need water as much as food for drinking and bathing. We always recommend putting fresh clean water out every day of the year.

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