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Cleaning and hygiene around your bird feeding and water areas is extremely important and should be carried out regularly to ensure that disease is not spread across a mix of wildlife species. We have a variety of different hygiene and cleaning products to make the job easier for you.

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Ark-Klens Ready To Use Ark-Klens Ready To Use
Ark-Klens 250ml Ark-Klens 250ml
Complete Bird Feeder`s Hygiene Kit Complete Bird Feeder`s Hygiene Kit
Feeder Fresh Feeder Fresh


Feeder Fresh Feeder Fresh
Vet Ark Citrosan Vet Ark Citrosan
Bird Table 2 in 1 Cleaning/Scraper Tool Bird Table 2 in 1 Cleaning/Scraper Tool
Bird Feeder Hygiene Brush Bird Feeder Hygiene Brush

Providing a drinking and bathing spot for birds can feel like an uphill struggle during the cold winter months when the water in the shallow dish is likely to freeze solid, depriving your wild birds of a drink. 

That’s why we advise people to use Ice Free – a plant based natural product that both delays water freezing and helps it to thaw faster. Ice Free is an easy to use, 100% natural, plant-based liquid that is impossible to overdose.

Keeping your bird baths and water feeders clean is especially important during the breeding season. Baby birds and juveniles are more susceptible to disease than mature birds and the last thing that you want is for your bird bath or drinking water to spread a contagion.

For this reason it is important that you use a safe hygiene cleaning product in order to prevent diseases from breeding in your wild bird water dishes. 

What are the best cleaning and hygiene products for wild birds?

At Ark Wildlife we sell the best cleaning and hygiene products for wild birds, including CitroSan – a naturally derived biodegradable germ killer. Non-toxic and GM free, it sanitises bathing and drinking water against a variety of harmful pathogens, making your bird bath and drinking dish safe for any visitors to your garden.

Not only is CitroSan perfectly safe for birds to drink, it also has the advantage of helping to boost the immune systems of your wild birds, especially young ones, ensuring that they are healthy and happy all year round.

We also sell cleaning tools such as the cleaning scraper tool or hygiene brush or you can purchase a Complete Bird Feeders Hygiene Kit. Use these tools to keep your bird feeders and bird boxes clean and hygienic. Our bird feeders are also designed to be easy to clean, such as the innovative Ring Pull Seed Feeder with a unique mechanism that separates in an instant for easy cleaning. 

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We love to hear from our customers at Ark Wildlife please get in touch on freephone 0800 085 4865 to learn more about cleaning and hygiene products for wild birds.

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