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Bird Feeder Hangers

Feeding your garden birds allows you to get up close with some of the UK’s most beautiful wildlife. The more you study the tits, robins, sparrows and finches in your garden, the more you will discover about their behaviours and feeding habits. Hooks and hangers that you can hang your bird feeders from can make a reliable bird feeding solution.

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Hang Right
Hang Right

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Hang Right
Hang Right
Hanging Cable For Bird Feeders
Hanging Cable For Bird Feeders
Bird Feeding Station
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Bird Feeding Station
Shepherds Hook Bird Feeder Pole
Shepherds Hook Bird Feeder Pole

Products like Hang Right will be able to suspend even the heaviest bird feeders safely and securely from branches and you can choose the right size for you. Our wraparound hooks can fix to the garden pole system so you can hang your feeders from them.

Why use bird feeder hangers to feed your garden birds?

Since the 1970s there has been a dramatic decline in bird populations. By supplementary feeding throughout the year you will help your garden birds to thrive. It is particularly important during winter when food is hard to find, so birds can survive but at other times birds will need food. In spring, adults will be raising their chicks and in summer and autumn, they will be building their fat reserves for the winter.

There are many ways to feed birds but hanging bird feeders are ideal for more agile species. We stock a number of bird seed feeders, suet and fat feeders, peanut feeders, niger seed feeders and squirrel-proof bird feeders. These offer the absolute best in design and safety for bird feeding. Our bird feeder hangers are durable and strong and will be able to take the full weight of our feeders and the birds perching on them! Read more about our top ten bird feeding tips

Wild birds need water as much as food, for drinking and bathing. We always recommend putting fresh clean water out every day of the year.

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