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Roosting Pouches

There are many ways to make your garden more attractive to wild birds. When temperatures fall and it is cold, windy and rainy, the small birds in your garden will look for somewhere to shelter, away from predators. Our cosy and safe roosting pouches will offer your birds a sanctuary to rest.

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Roosting Nest Pouches Roosting Nest Pouches

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Roosting Nest Pouches Roosting Nest Pouches
Giant Robin Nest Pocket Giant Robin Nest Pocket
Giant Roost Nest Pocket Giant Roost Nest Pocket
Birds Winter Roost Kit Birds Winter Roost Kit

Birds do not only need shelter during the breeding season. Cavity-nesting birds will need somewhere overnight to shelter from harsh winter weather, so they are not drained of vital energy. One easy and inexpensive way to help is by hanging roosting pouches, where birds can huddle together for warmth. 

Our roosting pouches are made from natural materials, such as reeds and grasses, so it resembles the birds’ natural environment and the small nooks and crannies within trees. You can also provide our bird nesting material for birds to line their roosts. These pouches are durable, so will last several years. 

It is common for several species, such as goldcrests or wrens to share a single roost overnight to conserve heat. Blue tits, great tits, finches and robins will also love using them.

Where should I put my roosting pouch?

Roosting pouches should be located in sheltered spaces, ideally facing east or south, so they are out of the way of prevailing winds. Attach them securely to a surface, such as a tree trunk, fence or wall, or within a bush. Never hang them so they are swinging in the wind. Read our blog about how birds stay warm during cold winter nights.

You can spread a few around your garden to encourage a variety of species to take up residence. Alongside your birds, beneficial insects such as ladybirds, may enjoy using them too.

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We can help, talk to us 

We are dedicated to helping to offer your garden birds a haven. If you would like further information about our bird nest boxes or roosting pouches, please get in touch. We can be reached on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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