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Sparrow Nest Boxes

House sparrows have been a vibrant and important part of our garden bird community for centuries. However, this once common and charismatic little bird is in widespread decline and they have even disappeared from some parts of the country. Providing them with a safe nesting space is a wonderful way to boost their future survival.

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Apex House Sparrow Nest Box
Apex House Sparrow Nest Box

Introduce a nest box to help sparrows

House sparrows like to nest under cover, so often nest in roof spaces, barns and outhouses. They construct their nests from a variety of materials, including straw and grass. Due to the introduction of uPVC rooflines and the restricted access they allow, their natural nesting habitats are in decline. Studies have also shown sparrow numbers are dwindling due to other reasons including the reduction in availability of favoured foods, disease and pollution.

Make a new house for this endearing garden bird

If you want to stop sparrows from nesting in your roof or loft, giving them their own nesting space is ideal. Thanks to their love of cavity nesting, attracting them to nest boxes is not hard. Breeding normally starts in May, the first of two or three clutches.

Sparrows are naturally communal nesters and enjoy the company of other sparrows. All our nest boxes designed for sparrows replicate their natural nesting preferences and are durable and low-maintenance. These include wood, woodstone and woodcrete choices.

  • Sparrow Nest Box Terrace
  • Apex House Sparrow Nest Box
  • Schwegler 1SP Nest Box – Sparrow Terrace
  • CedarPlus Hole Nest Box
  • Apex Bird Nest Box
  • Apex Nest Box Triple Pack
  • Cedar Nest Box Triple Pack
  • Woodstone Nest Box

Your house sparrows will also enjoy communal feeding. Use seed and peanut feeders with plenty of space, so a handful of birds can feed together. Read our blog about the gardener’s friend.

Ensure your garden birds always have water for drinking and bathing, all year round.

We can help, talk to us 

There is such a vast array of bird nesting boxes to choose from that it can seem confusing. If you want to know which are the right boxes for the sparrows in your garden, give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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