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Media Enquiries

Media Enquries

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For 25 years Ark Wildlife under Sean McMenemy’s guidance has provided species specific food and habitats with an emphasis on ‘fitness for purpose’ and sustainability.

Sean McMenemy is an expert in wildlife habitat design and manufacture, and is regarded as the ‘go to’ guy to get honest comment and opinion.

Specialising in British garden wildlife, Ark Wildlife has a wealth of knowledge and experience keeping constantly up to date with the latest research, both internally and through industry and professional bodies.

Wildlife and its protection is very newsworthy nowadays and Sean can communicate his great understanding of the subject in an easy and accessible style thanks to years dealing with the public and long-term customer relationships. We are therefore in a unique position to provide journalists with advice, comments and information for editorial use.

Press Releases

01/05/2018 – One Million Hedgehogs

Our current Hedgehog population is estimated to be less than 1 million animals, down from about 35 million animals in the 1950’s and still thought to be falling at a rate of 5% a year.

As part of Hedgehog Awareness Week 2018 (6th – 12th May) Ark Wildlife is running One Million Hedgehogs Photo Competition. Packed with prizes, they are calling on everyone with a picture of a hedgehog to submit it to their competition.

Sean McMenemy Director at Ark Wildlife says, “We have been supporting the cause of hedgehogs for over 25 years and this year have set ourselves the huge target of one million votes for hedgehogs”. He continues “Hedgehogs are one of our most recognised and loved animals and we think the public will get behind our campaign. They’ll be able to share their own hedgehog photos and view and vote for others, all in one social arena. This has the potential to raise hedgehog awareness to a whole new level.”


01/10/2011 – Press Release New Capacity Added

Following last years ‘big freeze’, Ark Wildlife has added 1,500sq ft of floor space and capacity for an additional 65 tons of bird food in its packing area, to ensure sufficient freshly packed natural bird food is available for immediate despatch whatever extremes this winter’s weather throws at us.
Ark bird food is all BSA (Birdcare Standards Association) approved and blended and packed daily for freshness on the premises. All seeds are carefully selected from high grade crops (largely human grade) and while this offers customers the freshness and quality they expect from ARK bird food, this demand on quality presents problems when the road network is under pressure. Working in partnership with suppliers and delivery companies Ark Wildlife have put in place detailed contingency plans to ensure the regular supply of bird food, when it matters most.

01/06/2011 – Major New Launch

Ark Wildlife following the huge popularity of ARK Duck & Swan Floating Discs, the UK’s only complete meal aimed at the wild waterfowl found on lakes and rivers across the UK have now launched Duck Pots™ for the retail market.

Duck Pots™ are 525ml child friendly cartons of Ark’s special formula duck food suitable for all types of inland waterfowl including paddling ducks, geese, swans, coots and moorhens. Some of the advantages of Ark’s Duck Pot™ duck food include its balanced nutritional formula that will fully sustain a wild waterfowl population throughout the year. Additionally, it can be fed on the bankside, where geese and moorhens prefer to feed, or on the water surface (they will float for up to 24 hours) for ducks and swans.

Bread offers little nutritional value to birds and can also pollute waterways if not eaten, due to this many local authorities and water authorities are banning the use of bread, potentially taking away on of the greatest pleasures of visiting the parks; feeding the ducks.

Ark Duck Pot™ duck food provides a wonderful solution by providing wholesome natural food for the water birds in a non-polluting and highly nutritional and tasty snack, presented in a family friendly carton packed with useful information on the birds you’re likely to see at the park. It also offers waterway managers the chance to control the volume of food being distributed on the water and a reliable income stream that can be re-invested in further protecting the water bird’s environment.

For more information contact Nick Chalkley on 01462 420000

06/03/2011 – Updated Website Launched

Hello, and welcome to our new website. Although Ark Wildlife have been trading since 1991, this is our brand-new website with all new content. One of the things you’ll immediately notice is the addition of Product Reviews. We’ve added these because we honestly believe that no matter how carefully we select our product lines and regardless of the care we take over delivering them to you in first class condition, you can’t beat the real experience of the user over a long period of time. We really welcome all feedback and encourage you to add product reviews to enable all customers to be given more informed buying decisions.

We have also introduced very sophisticated management software behind the website that enables you to log into your account and see your entire order history and delivery status regardless of whether the order was placed on-line or by phone. This gives real control to our customers to manage their relationship with Ark Wildlife.

The software behind the website also monitors all our warehouse stock, in real time. This means when you place an order with Ark Wildlife and the checkout tells you it’s in stock, it’s in stock. All orders are fulfilled from stock on our premises (ex. Live Mealworms), no third party distributors or fulfilment houses for Ark Wildlife. Also if someone places an order on the phone, while you order on the Internet, no problem, the website knows exactly how much stock has been sold or allocated and therefore there will never be disappointment ordering from Ark Wildlife.

01/02/2011 – Ark Wildlife is delighted to unveil their new logo, better reflecting the very core of their beliefs and business.

Specialising in garden wildlife Ark Wildlife needed a logo that was both welcoming and warm and visually expressed the company’s focus on wildlife. The clever use of colour and shape produces the image of a pair of eyes (or binoculars) to show the keen interest in wildlife watching, whilst a closer inspection reveals a bird and hedgehog facing one another, representing Ark Wildlife’s commitment to ALL garden wildlife, not just the birds.