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Guest Wildlife Bloggers Welcome

Guest Bloggers Welcome

Guest Wildlife Bloggers Welcome

Do you have a good story to share? We publish well written engaging, educational and entertaining stories about British wildlife whether you’re a established wildlife bogger, conservation professional or complete novice.

If you have a tale to tell, about an incident in your home or garden, a special interest you have, life hacks, or general interest stories we’d love to hear from you. We’ve had stories about blind hedgehogs, badgers living in the garage, charitable activities, bird feeding tips, and even an ecological dissertation. If it’s relevant and interesting, we’ll publish.

Would you like to write a blog for us?

  • Are you interested in wildlife and nature?
  • Are you a wildlife blogger?
  • Are you a wildlife gardener?
  • Are you a budding naturalist?
  • Do you love wildlife and nature and want to share your passion with others?
  • Do you have an interesting story to share?

Ark Wildlife welcomes guest blogger contributions:

  • Focused on British wildlife especially in the garden
  • Original content and belongs to you
  • Honest, truthful and accurate content
  • Contains material of special interest to wildlife gardeners

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Thoughts from our Founder

“Our modern lives tend to disconnect us from nature, and this is dangerous.” Our founder and managing director, Sean McMenemy explains, “The connection between the natural world and mental health is well established, and maintaining our own wellbeing, as well as that of the environment, requires a symbiotic relationship.” He continues. “If we can inspire people to engage with nature on a personal level through this blog, we are improving not just their life but also that of the planet. Since the beginning of humankind, stories have been told and shared. From cave painting to travelling bards. Songs and poetry have inspired generations and blogs are the natural progression of storytelling. Let’s share our love of the natural world, wildlife and the happiness it brings.”

Sean McMenemy

Featured Guest Wildlife Blogs

Wildlife for the disabled blog
Birding For All by Bo Beolens
Fox in a bloggers wildlife garden
Helping Wildlife in your Garden by Ella Hendrix
The Hedgehog Book Blog
The Story of The Hedgehog Book by Pat Morris

– Check your spelling and grammar before submitting your blog
– Good quality pictures enhance a blog (we will add one if not supplied)
– Add a compelling title to introduce the story (one that people might be searching for in Google)
– Blogs should be 500 – 2,000 words (longer stories should be broken up with subheadings)

– Submissions must be made by the writer
– An adult’s permission will be required if you are under 16 years of age
– Blogs must be original material and must not be published elsewhere
– Submission of a blog is not acceptance. Ark Wildlife reserve the right to publish or reject any submission at its sole discretion and without explanation
– By submitting a blog the entrant agrees Ark Wildlife may recommend edits or adaptation prior to publication
– You continue to own the copyright but give us permission to publish it in digital or print format and reproduce it free of charge in perpetuity

Some of the People we already work with
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