Wildlife Care

One of the greatest joys of having a garden is the wide variety of wildlife that lives there. As well as helping you care for your garden birds, we stock an extensive additional range of products to encourage other wildlife into your garden. Our gardens also provide potential shelter and protection for many creatures that are declining in the wild. By providing the right products we can do our bit towards the conservation of a range of species.

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We supply food and shelter for animals including hedgehogs, bats, badgers, frogs and toads, dormice and squirrels. Other wildlife, including butterflies, ladybirds and bees are very welcome visitors who will pollinate flowers and help to control pests. With greater awareness of what these creatures need to survive and flourish, you will be able to enjoy your garden along with many other wonderful creatures.

Our gardens can provide food, water and shelter for a host of wildlife. No matter what size your garden is, there are many ways to invite birds, butterflies and small animals and insects in to enjoy the space.

By providing a wide range of habitats, from bat boxes and frog and toad houses to insect habitats, different creatures are more likely to take up residence. Provide food for your wildlife, so as well as growing nectar-producing plants and wildflowers for those insects that love them, supply all creatures with specially-formulated foods for their needs.

All creatures will need shallow water throughout the year to stay hydrated and healthy. Ensure you keep water regularly topped up during summer months and ensure it does not freeze over in winter. Read more on our blog about how to create a wildlife-friendly garden.

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