Wildflowers play a crucial role in supporting native insects and other wildlife. As well as encouraging and supporting a wide diversity of bees, birds, butterflies and other creatures, they will also make a vibrant and eye-catching addition to your garden.

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Natural wildflower meadows have seen disastrous destruction in this country, with experts saying that 97 per cent of the UK’s meadows have been eliminated since the 1930s with popular species like ragged robin, wild strawberry and harebell in sharp decline. This in turn has affected the number of butterflies, bees, beetles and other beneficial insects in the UK, whose habitats have been destroyed.

Ark Wildlife offers a range of wildflower products and wildflower seed mixes. These include wildflower seeds by species and different collections.

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Use our high quality native wildflowers

Our wildflowers are from British native species, such as cornflowers, corncockles, daisies, foxgloves, campions and common and field poppies. Our wildflower products are sourced from established growers with responsibly-grown stock. All seeds have been hand-picked and washed to ensure the highest quality standards.

Choose a sunny and open area in your garden to plant your wildflowers. This can be as small or large as you have space for. Prepare the ground and wait for the area to flower. If you plant perennials, you will have an area of wildflowers that comes back, year after year.

Attract a diversity of insects to your garden with our wildflowers

The simple beauty of watching wildflowers grow can be a pleasure. Wildflowers not only look wonderful but provide food and habitats for threatened pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. They are also home to a wide variety of other species, including moths, beetles, hoverflies, crickets and skylarks. Read more on our blog about wildflowers for all the birds and bees.

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