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How Do Birds Keep Warm & Survive in the Winter?

Even from the comfort of our centrally heated homes, wrapped up in cosy knitwear, we…

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How Do Birds Keep Warm & Survive in the Winter?

Why won’t birds come to my feeder!? An expert guide

Filling your bird feeders and watching the daily visitors is a joy. But why would…

Garden Birds
29th November 2021

What to feed birds in winter? Top tips for feeding birds in the winter

A robin in the snow is a typical, heart-warming winter image. But winter is a…

Garden BirdsWinter
29th November 2021

Birding For All: Working for Better Access to Nature Reserves

About Birding For All Its now two decades since we launched Birding For All (or…

1st April 2020

How to keep pigeons away from bird feeders?

Most of us are happy to feed all the birds who visit our garden, and…

Garden Birds
4th January 2022

Where is the best place to hang a bird feeder to attract birds to your garden?

Modern life often removes us from the natural world as we get caught up with…

Garden Birds
4th January 2022

Using a Hedgehog House to attract Hedgehogs to your garden

What you can do to help attract and encourage hedgehogs in your garden. Hedgehogs require…

5th August 2021

When do Hedgehogs Hibernate & Have Babies: A Timeline

Hedgehogs are a native of the UK and our only mammal covered in spines. They…

2nd June 2021

Willow Tit Bird: Habitat, Song & Identification

Identification Length: 11cm. The Willow Tit is distinguished from the Marsh Tit by its duller…

BirdsGarden Birds
18th May 2021