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Gardening with Wildlife

Once upon a time, sheds up and down the land were packed to the rafters…

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Gardening with Wildlife

Are You Being Exploited?

Scientists who study the animals and plants that adopt human dominated (urban) ecosystems have a…

Wildlife Gardening
1st June 2022

Water, the Driving Force of all Nature

Do you remember being thoroughly soaked in a downpour? So wet, the decision was whether…

13th May 2022

Don’t Fly Off the Handle

Bumblebees definitely, ladybirds of course and butterflies obviously. The invariably positive responses received when discussing…

Beneficial Insects
16th June 2022

Ouch! I Love Stingers

There’s an old saying that nettle stings protect against arthritis. I go with this idea,…

Beneficial InsectsSean's Blog
12th April 2022

Just One Thing – For Nature

Here are our top ten tips for helping wildlife thrive in your garden. Just one…

Garden BirdsMammalsWildlife Gardening
17th February 2022

How to keep pigeons away from bird feeders?

Most of us are happy to feed all the birds who visit our garden, and…

Garden Birds
4th January 2022

Where is the best place to hang a bird feeder to attract birds to your garden?

Modern life often removes us from the natural world as we get caught up with…

Garden Birds
4th January 2022

Why won’t birds come to my feeder!? An expert guide

Filling your bird feeders and watching the daily visitors is a joy. But why would…

Garden Birds
29th November 2021