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Bumblebee Nest Boxes

Bumblebees are crucial to a healthy environment and are also beautiful and interesting. We may take them for granted at times but like other pollinators, bumblebees are vital to having healthy and nutritious diets, filled with a variety of foods. There has been a sharp decline in the numbers of bees in the UK and across Europe, due to a number of reasons, from loss of their natural habitats, through to climate change. Do your bit by helping your local bumblebees thrive.

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Ceramic Bumblebee and Mammal Nester
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Ceramic Bumblebee and Mammal Nester
Field Guide To Bees of Britain
Field Guide To Bees of Britain

There are around 270 species of bees with around six or seven species in every garden; most can be identified through their colour pattern. Like wasps, honeybees and ants, bumblebees are social insects and live with a queen and worker bees. 

Bees have an annual lifecycle, which begins in spring. The queen emerges then to feed on flowers to gain energy and to try to find a nest site; often these include holes in the ground, bird boxes or under garden sheds. 

Encourage nesting in a bumblebee nest box 

Our Bumblebee Nest Box may attract primary nesters, such as mice and shrews. Bumblebees are drawn to these sites because there will be ready-made and soft nesting material inside. They become secondary nesters. Made from durable timber, our nest box has a brightly coloured front panel and darker bumble entrance hole, designed to improve the interest of bumblebees. 

Once the bees are established you can lift the nest box lid and see the workers arriving with food and leaving to forage. Remember bumblebees are not aggressive but always be patient and move slowly to reduce the chance of being stung. Read our blog on bumblebee identification, hive and boxes.

We can help, talk to us

Bees are vital to a healthy environment and help plants to grow and produce food. If you have any questions about bumblebees and how you can help them flourish in your garden, we would be happy to help. Our friendly team can be reached on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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