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Tadpole Food

Children are often taught the life cycle of a frog at an early age. However, it can be hard for this cycle to complete if tadpoles do not get enough nutrition to mature. Natural green foods, such as plants and algae, can be limited in spring and once tadpoles start to mature there is often insufficient food for them all to consume.

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Tadpole Food Tadpole Food


Tadpole Food Tadpole Food
Late Stage Tadpole Food Late Stage Tadpole Food

Our Early Stage Tadpole Food offers the right vegetable-based nutrition for young tadpoles until they grow back legs, which occurs four to six weeks after free swimming occurs. This can be followed up with Late Stage Tadpole Food, designed for once they have their back legs and require protein. These foods will help to maintain the amphibian population in our ponds and gardens. 

What do tadpoles eat? 

While hatching, tadpoles feed on the egg’s yolk sack, which is dense in protein and helps them to grow quickly. At this stage they are strictly herbivorous and eat algae. Supplement their diet with our Early Tadpole Food to help them grow and mature.

Once they have grown their back legs, your tadpoles will need protein and will start to consume more animal matter, such as insects. Our follow-on Late Stage Tadpole Food is a high protein flake formula formulated for their dietary needs at this time. 

Feed your young tadpoles every day. A pinch of food sprinkled on the surface should suffice. If excess food is left uneaten it can encourage algae, so reduce the quantity if any is left behind. 

Whether you are raising tadpoles in your garden, or you are helping out some in a local natural environment, feeding them with tadpole food will help them grow into healthy frogs. Attracting frogs and toads to your garden will help to reduce pest populations naturally, so you will not need to use pesticides. Read more on our blog about frogs.

We can help, talk to us

If you have questions about frogs or tadpoles, we can help. Call our freephone number 0800 085 4865 to talk to our friendly and helpful team. We are dedicated and committed to supporting you and your local wildlife.

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