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Birds and other garden wildlife need easy access to water for drinking and bathing all year round. Dry summer months and frosty winter spells are two obvious times when liquid water can be in short supply. Bird baths are a simple way of providing essential water.

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Oasis Bird Bath & Water Drinker
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Oasis Bird Bath & Water Drinker
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Bird Bath Bird Bath
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Ice Free for Bird Baths Ice Free for Bird Baths

Bird baths can be placed on bird tables or on the ground and glass water drinkers can be hung from a feeding station or a strong tree branch. Whether it’s a kitchen saucer, a purpose-made bird bath or a luxurious wildlife pond they are all valuable sources of water. 

Providing a drink and bath spot for birds can feel like an uphill struggle during the cold winter months when the water in the shallow dish is likely to freeze solid, depriving your wild birds of a drink. 

That’s why we advise people to use Ice Free – a plant based natural product that both delays water freezing and helps it to thaw faster. Ice Free is an easy to use, 100% natural, plant-based liquid that is impossible to overdose.

What should a bird bath look like?

Bird baths should be large enough for birds to spread their wings for a proper wash but shallow enough to allow them to stand in the middle. Generally speaking 5-8cm of water is ideal. 

Bird baths must also have a rough internal surface so that any birds or animals using them can get a purchase on the base. This allows them to get in and out of the bath safely. 

On the other hand, a drinking bowl should be smooth to prevent the buildup of algae and detritus, which can be harmful to the birds. For a bird drinker that can be used by wildlife of all sizes, consider a stepped wildlife water drinker, which provides a safe way for a whole array of birds and insects to quench their thirst.  

Where should I place the bird bath? 

Position the bird bath or drinking dish so that birds and wildlife have a clear view all round to keep an eye out for predators. Drinking and bathing water should be changed daily and the surfaces washed thoroughly on a regular basis to avoid the accidental transmission of disease and parasites. 

We’re all used to putting food out for garden birds throughout the year but water is still often overlooked. However it is every bit as important as feeding, if not more so. Let’s help our wildlife and make sure a refreshing drink is always available for them when they need it.

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