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Suet Ball & Fat Ball Feeders

Ark Wildlife fat balls and suet balls are always net free, to ensure the safety of your garden birds. To feed the fat or suet balls you can choose a fat ball feeder from the range we have on offer.

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4 X 90g Fat Ball Holder
4 X 90g Fat Ball Holder
Fat Ball Feeder Ring
Fat Ball Feeder Ring
Pyramid Fat Ball Feeder
  • NEW
Pyramid Fat Ball Feeder
Complete Window Feeder with 2x Fat Ball Holders
Complete Window Feeder with 2x Fat Ball Holders

Fat balls offer a tasty treat for your birds, while providing them with the fat they need for energy and warmth throughout the day and night. Birds carry a layer of fat as ‘fuel’ just beneath the surface of the skin. Unlike humans, birds have such high-energy lives that they won’t become overweight.

What types of fat ball feeders can I use?

Our Fat Ball Feeder Ring is made from heavy gauge steel for a longer life and will hold up to six fat balls. This allows more birds to feed at one time and means less frequent refilling for you!

You can also buy tube fat ball feeders that hold up to four fat balls and can be hung from trees, poles or your garden feeding station.

Fat ball feeders for small birds

Our Pyramid Suet Ball & Fat Ball Feeder is especially good at attracting small birds who can cling to the frame, while larger more dominant birds find accessing the suet and fat balls more difficult. They make an attractive feature and effective feeder for small birds in every garden.

How can I stop squirrels eating the fat balls?

Take a look at our Fat Ball and Suet Guardian Feeder. This heavy gauge coated steel guardian cage protects the bird feeder within from marauding squirrels and parakeets. It even deters all but the most determined large birds such as starlings. View our excellent range of starling proof fat ball bird feeders.

The wide diameter cage means even when the birds land on the guardian, long necks and beaks still cannot reach the food within.

Don’t forget that wild birds need water as much as food for drinking and bathing. We always recommend putting fresh clean water out every day of the year.

We can help, talk to us

If you want to add fat balls to your range of bird foods, give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865 and we can chat about what type of fat ball feeder would be best for your garden.

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