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Pond Fish Food

A huge amount of joy can be derived from watching koi, goldfish and other pond fish swimming happily together in a natural environment. They will feed on natural foods, such as plants and small insects but this natural food supply may not be available all-year-round so your fish will need to be fed with special pond fish food. Feeding your pond fish with the right diet will result in healthier and more colourful fish.

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Ark Floating Pond Fish Food Ark Floating Pond Fish Food

Prices from: £5.35

Ark Floating Pond Fish Food Ark Floating Pond Fish Food
Ark Wildlife Pond Food Ark Wildlife Pond Food

Prices from: £4.95

Ark Wildlife Pond Food Ark Wildlife Pond Food

Our food is specially formulated for all types of pond fish, including koi, goldfish, sarasa comets, shubunkins and golden orfe. It offers them a balanced diet and excellent all-round nutrition. Our palatable and fresh Ark Floating Pond Fish Food comes in bags from 1kg to 32kg.

How to feed your pond fish

The more fish you have stocked, then the more you will need to feed them. However, a common mistake is overfeeding. Pond fish should be fed no more than three times per day during the warmer months and in the winter, once per day will suffice. Feed them a small amount so they eat it all quickly and do not give them more than they can consume within ten minutes. Unwanted food will add unwanted nutrients to the water, so remove any excess food before it disintegrates. 

Food for all pond wildlife

For wildlife in your pond, we also stock Ark Wildlife Pond Food, a mix of small dried insects and crustaceans, suitable for other pond dwellers, like frogs, newts and tadpoles. Having a thriving pond will also attract more birds to your garden because of the insects it will provide. Read more about wildlife pond design on our blog.

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Do you have new pond fish and want to know more about our pond products? Call our freephone line now on: 0800 085 4865. We would love to tell you more.

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