Bird Nest Boxes

Offer your garden birds a cosy space to nest. Every bird will have a preference for a particular type of nest box.

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If you love robins and wrens, they will prefer open-fronted boxes, whereas other species such as tits and sparrows will prefer closed boxes with entrances of different sizes, so you can choose depending on the type of birds you wish to attract. This means it is just the right size for them and will deter predators.  

We also sell nest boxes specially-designed for species such as house martins, swifts, swallows, woodpeckers, robins and ducks. All our bird boxes are long-lasting and durable and will add an interesting feature to your garden.

How can you attract birds to your nesting box?

Ensure your bird box is placed at the right height, out of direct sunlight. Open-fronted boxes will need to be placed tucked into vegetation, so they are well-hidden. The best place for bird boxes is where birds would choose to nest naturally. Many birds use nest boxes and the more you provide, the more likely you will be to see birds nesting in them.  

You can put up your nest box at any time but autumn or early winter is ideal, as this is when birds will start searching for suitable nesting sites. During the winter, they may appreciate the box as a place to roost and shelter from harsh weather. Read our blog about Britain needing more nest boxes. 

We also supply a range of accessories for your bird boxes, so you can provide your garden birds with an even better place to live. As well as nest box protection accessories, we also offer bird nesting material to help create a warm, soft nest. 

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