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Many people think that feeding their garden birds is something to think about in the winter months, but actually, garden birds in the UK can suffer food shortages and have times of need at a variety of times during the year.

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Ark Summer Support Mix
Ark Summer Support Mix

Prices from: £5.60

Ark Summer Support Mix
Ark Summer Support Mix
Ark Winter Warmer Mix
Ark Winter Warmer Mix

Prices from: £5.05

Ark Winter Warmer Mix
Ark Winter Warmer Mix

Your garden birds need nutritious food all year round

During the summer months birds will be busy rearing their young and it’s wonderful to observe, especially if you have bird boxes in use in your garden. It is also a crucial point in the year when birds need supplementary food, especially if there is a change in the weather during this season. 

Another important time to feed your garden birds is during the moulting season, when they shed feathers. This period begins at the end of the summer and ends once they have grown new feathers as the colder winter weather begins. A bird’s feathers make up a large proportion of their body, so this process takes a lot of energy, and for some birds the process can take up to 6 months.

There are numerous reasons for supplementing your garden birds’ food throughout the year, so ideally supply bird food at all times, otherwise sudden seasonal food shortages can cause starvation.

There is a misconception that if you feed your garden birds during the summer they will become dependent and lazy. However numerous research shows that this is not true. The benefit to birds knowing there is a high energy meal waiting for them first thing every morning offers real benefits and can increase local wild bird populations by helping them at critical times, summer and winter.

What bird food should I offer in the summer?

High energy bird food suitable for summer feeding includes sunflower hearts, peanuts and suet products but even better is our purpose blended Summer Support Mix due to the higher protein and calcium content, both required for successful breeding and moulting.

What bird food should I offer in the winter?

Winter bird feeding can really help the survival rates of wild birds and at this time of year carbohydrates for energy, to keep birds warm, is the overwhelming requirement. As a bird food supplier, this is why we created our Winter Warmer Mix, packed with carbs to give wild birds the energy boost they need to stay warm during long, cold winter nights.

We can help, talk to us

We will also advise you on which bird food to use with the changing seasons on our blog, but sometimes it is easier to talk to someone, so do give us a call on freephone: 0800 085 4865.

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